Friday, Sept. 26, 2014. If anyone from the old Donations & Microdonations for Indviduals & Groups forum from the now-closed Zaadz or Gaia social networks would like to reconnect, I recommend joining either or both of my forums:

The Eryss.Com Forum

The Non24.Com Forum

They aren't exactly like the original forum (since their main topics are quite different, and in my opinion, more interesting), and they're mostly very quiet and empty so far since I haven't been trying very hard to promote them. But, similar to the original forum, they allow people to promote themselves/their businesses, and to buy/sell/barter or give away stuff, services, etc.

Another thing any former Zaadz/Gaia member might be interested in is the Gaia Community Ning social network, where a lot of refugees from the social networking site Gaia (originally named Zaadz) went when Gaia closed several years ago. It's a nice place, but I don't hang out there. Despite my shyness, I actually usually prefer posting to completely public websites (if I post anything at all), because I figure, the more people my writing reaches, the more good my words might do.

Back in June 2013, stumbled across a website which is somewhat (but alas, not entirely) similar to what I envisioned as a successor to the original Donations & Microdonations for Individuals & Groups forum. It was originally called, but they later changed their name to:

I haven't participated there at all so far, and I'm not sure I ever will. Judging by their FAQ page, there are a number of things I quite dislike about it:

  1. I dislike their fees. Quoted from their FAQ page:

    An 8% + .30¢ processing fee is applied to each monetary donation. These fees cover the credit card processing cost and the Hero Network's operational cost.

    It's extremely lame to leech fees out of every donation to every person in need.

    Credit card processing fees are no excuse - credit cards should be boycotted.

    As of this writing (9/26/2014, 5:30 AM EDT) -'s fees are higher than PayPal's fees (2.9% + $0.30) and Second Life's fees (3.5% for each sale of Linden dollars on the LindeX exchange).

  2. I am very dubious about the anti-"double-dipping" rule, because it seems to me that trying to force people in need to only ask one fundraising platform at a time for help might reduce the chances that people will receive any help.

    Probably the more people you ask for help, the more likely it is some people will send it. So, people in need (or anyone) shouldn't be forced or pressured to depend on only one source of help. (Especially if that one source of help leeches fees out of donations intended for those in need.)

    Monopolies are bad in business, and bad in charity too, in my opinion.

  3. Also, certifying people via credit cards or utility bills doesn't help the utterly destitute very much, such as homeless people. (And again, credit cards should be boycotted.)

    And many people in need don't have any utility bills in their name because they live with/depend on relatives, or others.

  4. And, I don't like the fact that it requires Facebook so much. See Richard Stallman's page about Facebook for many reasons why Facebook is bad.

So, I definitely can't really recommend They might do some good, but they could be better.

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